Accepted Papers


Matias Volonte, Sabarish Babu and Andrew Duchowski

Effects of an Appearance Fidelity Continuum on Visual Attention in Interactive Simulations

Taras Kucherenko, Dai Hasegawa, Gustav Eje Henter, Naoshi Kaneko and Hedvig Kjellström

Analyzing Input and Output Representations for Speech-Driven Gesture Generation

Sanne van Waveren, Elizabeth J. Carter and Iolanda Leite

Take One For the Team: The Effects of Error Severity in Collaborative Tasks with Social Robots

Dimosthenis Kontogiorgos, Andre Pereira, Olle Andersson, Marco Koivisto, Elena Gonzalez Rabal, Ville Vartiainen and Joakim Gustafson

The Effects of Anthropomorphism and Non-verbal Social Behaviour in Virtual Assistants

Justyna Swidrak, Grzegorz Pochwatko and Dariusz Doliński

Being touched by a virtual human. Relationships between heart rate, gender, social status, and compliance.

Mohan Zalake, Fatemeh Tavassoli, Lauren Griffin, Janice Krieger and Benjamin Lok

Can Internet-based Tailored Virtual Human Health Intervention Influence User Motivation to Change Behavior? User Perceptions and Findings from Focus Groups and Online User Study

Gale Lucas, Janina Lehr, Nicole Kraemer and Jonathan Gratch

The Effectiveness of Social Influence Tactics when Used by a Virtual Agent

Shashank Jaiswal, Michel Valstar, Keerthy Kusumam and Chris Greenhalgh

Virtual Human Questionnaire for analysis of Depression, Anxiety and Personality

Rens Hoegen, Deepali Aneja, Daniel McDuff and Mary Czerwinski

An End-to-End Conversational Style Matching Agent

Maayan Shvo, Jakob Buhmann and Mubbasir Kapadia

An Interdependent Model of Personality, Motivation, Emotion, and Mood for Intelligent Virtual Agents

Minha Lee, Gale Lucas, Johnathan Mell, Emmanuel Johnson and Jonathan Gratch

Exploring the Mind of Virtual Agents through Negotiations

Emmanuel Johnson, Sarah Roediger, Gale Lucas and Jonathan Gratch

Assessing Common Errors Students Make When Negotiating

Usman Malik, Mukesh Barange, Naser Ghannad, Julien Saunier and Alexandre Pauchet

A Generic Machine Learning Based Approach for Addressee Detection In Multiparty Interaction

Guillaume Demary, Jean-Claude Martin, Stéphane Dubourdieu, Stéphane Travers and Virginie Demulier

How do Leaders Perceive Stress and Followership from Nonverbal Behaviors Displayed by Virtual Followers?

Setareh Nasihati Gilani, David Traum, Rachel Sortino, Grady Gallagher, Kailyn Aaron-Lozano, Cryss Padilla, Ari Shapiro, Jason Lamberton and Laura-Ann Petitto

Can a Signing Virtual Human Engage a Baby’s Attention?



Tanja Schneeberger, Anke Hirsch, Cornelius König and Patrick Gebhard

Impact of Virtual Environment Design on the Assessment of Virtual Agents

Rifca Peters, Joost Broekens, Kangqi Li and Mark A. Neerincx

Robots Expressing Dominance: effects of Behaviours and Modulation

Mahdi Azmandian, Jorge Arroyo Palacios and Steven Osman

Guiding the Behavior Design of Virtual Assistants

Yael Rosi Chen, Gurit E. Birnbaum, Jonathan Giron and Doron Friedman

Individuals in a Romantic Relationship Express Guilt and Devaluate Attractive Alternatives after Flirting with a Virtual Bartender



Jonathan Wendt, Benjamin Weyers, Jonas Stienen, Andrea Bönsch, Michael Vorländer and Torsten W. Kuhlen

Influence of Directivity on the Perception of Embodied Conversational Agents' Speech

Mei Si

How can I agree with you better?

Anne-Sophie Milcent, Erik Geslin, Abdelmajid Kadri and Simon Richir

Expressive Virtual Human: Impact of expressive wrinkles and pupillary size on emotion recognition

Reshmashree Bangalore Kantharaju, Alison Pease, Dennis Reidsma, Catherine Pelachaud, Mark Snaith, Merijn Bruijnes, Randy Klaassen, Tessa Beinema, Gerwin Huizing, Donatella Simonetti, Dirk Heylen and Harm Op den Akker

Integrating Argumentation with Social Conversation between Multiple Virtual Coaches

Katharina Weitz, Dominik Schiller, Ruben Schlagowski, Tobias Huber and Elisabeth André

"Let me explain!": Exploring the Potential of Virtual Agents in Explainable AI Interaction Design

Mihai Polceanu and Christine Lisetti

Time to go ONLINE! A Modular Framework for Building Internet-based Socially Interactive Agents

Alban Delamarre, Cédric Buche and Christine Lisetti

AIMER: Appraisal Interpersonal Model of Emotion Regulation, Affective Virtual Students to Support Teachers Training

Johnathan Mell, Markus Beissinger and Jonathan Gratch

An Expert-Learning Hybrid Approach to Explainable Models of Human-Agent Negotiation

Ari Thordarson and Hannes Högni Vilhjálmsson

SoCueVR: Virtual Reality Game for Social Cue Detection Training

Amal Abdulrahman, Hedieh Ranjbartabar, Deborah Richards and Samuel Mascarenhas

Belief-Based Agent Explanations to Encourage Behaviour Change

Jiali Chen, Yong Liu, Yu Ding, Zhimeng Zhang and Changjie Fan

Text-driven Visual Prosody Generation for Embodied Conversational Agents

Katharina Legde and Douglas W. Cunningham

Evaluating the Effect of Clothing and Environment on the perceived Personality of Virtual Avatars

Magalie Ochs, Jérémie Bousquet and Philippe Blache

Multimodal cues of the sense of presence and co-presence in human-virtual agent interaction

Maurizio Mancini, Beatrice Biancardi, Soumia Dermouche, Paul Lerner and Catherine Pelachaud

An architecture for agent's impression management based on user's engagement

Ricardo Rodrigues, Ricardo Pereira, Ricardo Silva and Carlos Martinho

Interactive Empathic Virtual Coaches based on the Social Regulatory Cycle

Diogo Rato, Samuel Mascarenhas and Rui Prada

Towards Socially Adequate Virtual Agents: exploring the role of Social Context and Affordances

Siska Fitrianie, Merijn Bruijnes, Deborah Richards, Amal Abdulrahman and Willem-Paul Brinkman

What are we measuring anyway? - A Literature Survey of Questionnaires Used in Studies Reported in the Intelligent Virtual Agent Conferences



Bruno Penteado, Magalie Ochs, Roxane Bertrand and Philippe Blache

Evaluating temporal predictive features for virtual patients feedbacks

Lucile Dupuy, Etienne De Sevin, Hélène Cassoudesalle, Orlane Ballot, Patrick Dehail, Bruno Aouizerate, Emmanuel Cuny, Jean-Arthur Micoulaud-Franchi and Pierre Philip

A virtual patient to train semiology extraction and empathic communication skills for psychiatric interview

Patrick Gebhard, Tanja Schneeberger, Gregor Mehlmann, Tobias Baur and Elisabeth Andre

Designing the Impression of Social Agents’ Real-time Interruption Handling

Julija Vaitonyte, Pieter A. Blomsma, Maryam Alimardani and Max M. Louwerse

Generating Facial Expression Data: Computational and Experimental Evidence



Nicolas Szilas, Lucie Chauveau, Kasper Andkjaer, Anna Laura Luiu, Mireille Bétrancourt and Frédéric Ehrler

Virtual Patient Interaction via Communicative Acts

Fajrian Yunus, Chloé Clavel and Catherine Pelachaud

Gesture Class Prediction By Attention Model

Patrick Gebhard, Tanja Schneeberger, Michael Dietz, Elisabeth Andre and Nida Ul Habib Bajwa

Designing a Mobile Social and Vocational Reintegration Assistant for Burn-out Outpatient Treatment

Helga Margrét Ólafsdóttir, Edit Ómarsdóttir, Hafdís Sæland and Hannes Högni Vilhjálmsson

Work in Progress Report: Virtual Courtroom to Prepare Victims of Sexual Crimes for Court Proceedings

Jorge Arroyo Palacios, Mahdi Azmandian and Steven Osman

Bringing videogame characters into the real world in a holographic light field display

Stephen Ware, Alireza Shirvani, Edward Garcia and Rachelyn Farrel

Multi-Agent Narrative Experience Management as Story Graph Pruning

Curtis Gittens, Nicholas Hoyte and Michael Katchabaw

Simulating Visual Acuity for Autonomous Agents - A Data-Driven Approach

Alban Delamarre, Stephanie Lunn, Cedric Buche and Christine Lisetti

Lifecycles and Representational Fidelity Evaluation of a 3D Interactive Virtual Training for Teachers

Özge Nilay Yalçın and Steve Dipaola

A2G2: Automated Affective Gesture Generation for Embodied Conversational Agents



Hung-Hsuan Huang, Masato Fukuda and Toyoaki Nishida

Development of a Platform of RNN Driven Multimodal Interaction for Embodied Conversational Agents

Masato Fukuda, Hung-Hsuan Huang and Toyoaki Nishida

Multimodal Assessment on Teaching Skills in a Virtual Rehearsal Environment

Amanda Cercas Curry and Verena Rieser

Don’t joke with anyone over 45: How Conversational Agents Should Respond to Harassment

Steve DiPaola, Özge Nilay Yalçın Yalçınand Meehae Song

A multi-layer artificial intelligence and sensing based framework for affective, conversational embodied agents

Rex Hsieh, Hisashi Sato and Akihiko Shirai

VTuber University E-Learning Program Analysis

Xinyi Wang, Samuel Sohn and Mubbasir Kapadia

Conversational Approach to the Creative Authoring of Intelligent Virtual Characters

Yiannis Papelis, Ginger Watson and Menion Croll

Framework for authoring repeatable scenarios within virtual environments populated with stochastic virtual agents

Everlyne Kimani, Ameneh Shamekhi, Prasanth Murali, Dhaval Parmar and Timothy Bickmore

Stagecraft for Scientists: Exploring Novel Interaction Formats for Virtual Co-Presenter Agents

David Obremski, Jean-Luc Lugrin, Philipp Schaper and Birgit Lugrin

Non-Native Speaker Generation and Perception for Mixed-Cultural Settings

Victor Araujo, Rodolfo Migon Favaretto, Paulo Knob and Soraia Musse

How much do you perceive this? An analysis on perceptions of geometric features, personalities and emotions in virtual humans



Clara Falala-Séchet, Lee Antoine and Igor Thiriez

A chatbot that provides emotional support for coping with psychological difficulties

Arno Hartholt, Sharon Mozgai, Rick Thompson and Skip Rizzo

Demo: Virtual Job Interviewing Practice for High-Anxiety Populations

David Suendermann-Oeft, Amanda Robinson, Andrew Cornish, Doug Habberstad, David Pautler, Dirk Schnelle-Walka, Franziska Haller, Jackson Liscombe, Michael Neumann, Mike Merrill, Oliver Roesler and Renko Geffarth

NEMSI: A Multimodal Dialog System for Screening of Neurological or Mental Conditions

Matthew Aylett, David Braude, Simone Ashby, Kristen Scott and Blaise Potard

You're Fired: To Go Where no Speech Synthesis has Gone Before

Domitile Lourdeaux, Zoubida Afoutni and Marie-Hélène Ferrer

VICTEAMS: a virtual environment to train medical team leaders to interact with virtual subordinates

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