Best Paper Award:

Mohan Zalake; Fatemeh Tavassoli; Lauren Griffin; Janice Krieger; Benjamin Lok, Internet-based Tailored Virtual Human Health Intervention to Promote Colorectal Cancer Screening: Design Guidelines from Two User Studies

Best Paper Nominees
Shashank Jaiswal, Michel Valstar, Keerthy Kusumam, Chris Greenhalgh, Virtual Human Questionnaire for Analysis of Depression, Anxiety and Personality

Rens Hoegen, Deepali Aneja, Daniel McDuff, Mary Czerwinski, An End-to-End Conversational Style Matching Agent


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Welcome to ACM IVA 2019, that will take place in Paris, France from **July 2nd to July 5th**.

The programme will include on July 2nd one or two joint keynote(s) and a social dinner. These will be shared with the CASA 2019 conference (Computer Animation and Social Agents) which will also be held in Paris on July 1st, 2nd and 3rd.



ACM IVA 2019 is the 19th meeting of an interdisciplinary annual conference and the main leading scientific forum for presenting research on modeling, developing and evaluating intelligent virtual agents (IVAs) with a focus on communicative abilities and social behavior. IVAs are interactive digital characters that exhibit human-like qualities and can communicate with humans and each other using natural human modalities like facial expressions, speech and gesture. They are capable of real-time perception, cognition, emotion and action that allow them to participate in dynamic social environments. In addition to presentations on theoretical issues, the conference encourages the showcasing of working applications.


Who Should Attend?

Students, academics and industry professionals with an interest in learning about and presenting the most cutting-edge research conducted today in the multi-disciplinary field of intelligent virtual agents. Advances in IVA research are enabling increasingly autonomous agents that are now being utilized across a growing number of fields, including counseling, entertainment, medicine, the military, psychology and teaching. Researchers from the fields of human-human and human-robot interaction are also encouraged to share work with a relevance to IVAs.


What Can I Expect This Year?

IVA 2019’s special topic is “Social Learning with Interactive Agents”.




There is a conference with a similar name called ICIVA 2019 which will take place in Bali in October 2019 that claims to be the 21st International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents. This  conference is not associated with or connected with ACM IVA 2019. 


Please note that no paper submitted to ICIVA 2019 in Bali will be published in the IVA 2019 proceedings.


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